Business Planning for High-Technology Startups

We specialize in business planning for high-technology startups. Our pragmatic approach to the market for high technology has helped such organizations as AITech International,, Decise Corporation, Interval Logic (now a division of PRI Automation), Helix Systems (since acquired by Dialog Corporation), LingraphiCARE America , Lumina Decision Systems, OpenSales, Portola Dimensional Systems, Varian Oncology Systems, and WiseWire Corporation (since acquired by Lycos, Inc.). Our proprietary operations planning approach has been used by many of these organizations to plan their growth, including planning for personnel, space, equipment, and financing.

Dr. Sacerdoti serves as an Executive Associate with the Software Business Cluster in San Jose, California, an incubator housing 25 startup companies in the software industry, and as a mentor with the Contra Costa Software Business Incubator. He also serves as an Executive Advisor with the Women's Technology Cluster in San Francisco, an incubator for technology startups in which women have a significant ownership stake.

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