The Copernican Group provides unique management and technical consulting services to software startups. We identify and assess business opportunities, assist in creating effective and fundable business plans, set development plans, recruit staff, conceive initial products, manage product development and product marketing, draft patent applications, negotiate distribution agreements, and mentor executive staff. We help develop software businesses, assist in developing technical organizations and in planning and implementing complex software products, applications, and internet-based services.

Earl Sacerdoti, the Principal Consultant, has over thirty years of experience in both general management and managing research, development, and engineering. He has conceived and grown new businesses and brought a variety of advanced software technologies to market. As a founder, board member, executive, or early investor he has worked intimately with three startups that went public, three that were acquired, and a half dozen others that are operating successfully. He has served on the boards of directors of six high-technology small businesses. He has taken an Acting CTO or Acting VP Engineering role with several startups to define, develop, and release their first products. He serves as CEO coach, providing perspective, insight, and a sounding board for a few hours each month.  He is an inventor of three issued and four pending patents. He chairs the Software Committee of the Keiretsu Forum, the San Francisco area’s largest angel investment group.

The Copernican Group can help bring software activities to fruition quickly. The Copernican Group's affiliated senior consultants have over 100 years' experience in developing and managing systems based on artificial intelligence, object-oriented databases, intelligent agents, and other leading-edge software. We can manage and staff projects for both the short and long term.

We are relentlessly pragmatic.

We can help with:

Product Planning

Technology Assessment

Business Planning

Expert Witness Services



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Where does the name "Copernican Group" come from?

High technology is not in the center of the universe. Much of our guidance to our clients derives from this obvious but oft-forgotten fact.

The software business is tough! See our analysis of Software Magazine's ranking of the 500 top software vendors.

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